'The Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer: DiCaprio's Wicked Sense of Humor Continues to Reveal Itself
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The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer: DiCaprio's Wicked Sense of Humor Continues to Reveal Itself

By Jodi Clager | Trailers | June 17, 2013 | Comments ()


After a series of strained, constipated roles in movies like Inception, J Edgar, Shutter Island, Revolutionary Road and practically the last decade of DiCaprio's career, it's good to see him turn a corner with movies like Django Unchained and now The Wolf of Wall Street and display a more wicked, lively, and funny part of himself.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese team up here for the fifth time with The Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, the man whose memoirs serve as the basis for the movie. Belfort was working on Wall Street during the height of its excesses in the 1980s and would later be indicted in 1998 for a myriad of crimes, including fraud. Before he was taken down, however, Belfort reveled in all of the idiocy, women, and expensive toys that making $49 million a year can buy.

Check out the trailer, which has lots of fun questionable activities and Jonah Hill, Kyle Chandler, Matthew McConaughey, Jean Dujardin, Margot Robbie, Jon Bernthal, and Rob Reiner. It looks less The Departed and more American Psycho mixed with a sort of Coen Brothers humor.

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  • Brian

    The band in the background of this GIF is Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings. +1000000 points.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Why do they keep putting Jonah Hill in things? Things that are not tanks full of sharks, or tubs of bees?

  • Orleanas

    What da hell is going on with Matthew McConaughey's face? There's something seriously wrong when a 43 year old man looks like an 80 year old trying to look 43.

  • Orleanas2

    He was losing weight for an AIDS patient role.

    He is back to being better looking than 99.9% of men again.

  • socallmeshirley

    I will never get over "Academy Award Nominee Jonah Hill."

  • Mrs. Julien

    I bet he used those moves to get his job on Growing Pains.

  • melissa82

    What I've been doing today: work, watch that gif for a few minutes, get twitchy and go back to work. come back to pajiba and check for new posts, scroll down and watch this gif again for a few minutes, get squiggly and go back to work. repeat repeat. But what I can't figure out is why I'm so mesmerized. I honestly can't tell if I like it, if I'm just surprised because I had no idea Leo could move that way, or if I LOATHE it. Like hate it with all of my being. I think I'll have to watch it some more to figure this out. <scrolling upward="">

  • melissa82

    And now I can't stop watching the guy in the salmon colored pants...

  • apsutter

    It's like he's been hiding a certain Paul Rudd-ness quality this whole time

  • mairimba

    Needs more Pesci.

  • logan

    That looks like pure dee fun!

  • Natallica

    Wow, who would know nigga could bust those moves?

  • John G.

    Wait...What?? I can now see who voted for what

  • Anne At Large

    What I don't get is why Disqus thinks I would rather see who is upvoting things when I just want to upvote them.

  • BWeaves

    Yeah! And who downvoted you.

    I could have sworn I saw downvotes somewhere. I'm wrong. Can't see them here.

  • Maguita NYC

    I have a Disqus account and can't see the downvotes.

  • John G.

    I've had one for a long time and couldn't see who voted for what before now.

  • Maguita NYC

    But can you see who downvotes? For I only see who upvotes. I have my own little pet stalker I'm looking forward to meet.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I can't see who downvotes.

  • BWeaves

    I could have sworn I could tell down votes, too, but you're right. It doesn't show.

  • Maguita NYC

    Scorsese forgot the number ONE rule for making an 80's movie successful: Shoulderpads, shoulderpads, and neon wife beaters.

    I also love it when Matthew McConaugheyhey throws himself into a role so completely, he looks like he's having more fun on set than is allowed.

  • pnnylne

    That gif is amazing.

  • Mel C.

    I wasn't sure there could be a greater DiCaprio GIF than the Gatsby champagne toast, but THERE IT IS.

  • BWeaves

    So, it's "The Great Gatsby II: Dwarf Tosser."

  • mairimba

    It reminds me more of Goodfellas. Probably cause of all the white staches.

  • I'm completely okay with it. The Gatsby story is kind of perfect for the 80s. Just strip out the pathos and sympathetic idealism and give me the sleaze and cars with vertical doors. I'm there.

  • the dude

    It's supposed to be the 90's but it looks 80's

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