Whipping You Up Into An Undead Fever Pitch

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Hand to God, I'm going to stop posting news about "The Walking Dead" soon. Right after this post (maybe). AMC is doing a full court press with their marketing of the show, and they're right to do so. In many ways, they're taking a tremendous risk with the series -- genuine horror isn't exactly a successful or common television theme, and they're doing it with a relatively unknown cast in a cluttered TV market. Although, "The Walking Dead" isn't conventional horror in any sense -- yes, it has its share of blood and guts and zombie-related mayhem, but it's still a story about peoples' humanity, or lack thereof.

Anyway, now they've released a new mini making-of documentary, and it's pretty sweet. Featuring footage of the cast in action, as well as director/producer Frank Darabont. Darabont's (and the cast members') opening lines in the documentary pretty much should sell us all on it, and shows how well he understands and respects the material. Not to mention the ringing endorsement of Robert Kirkman, who created the graphic novel and is serving as a producer.

Halloween night. 9PM. AMC.

Don't bother knocking for candy, brats. I'll be in the basement with a bucket of booze and the lights turned off.

(h/t to the lovely Cindy)

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