The Rock Returns

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The Rock is back. Not Dwayne Johnson, the one who does movies like The Tooth Fairy. No, this is a return to the charismatic badass. The film is called Faster. Seems like a straight up action flick. No cute kids.

The synopsis shows that the script is pretty lean too. It calls the lead character "Driver." He gets out of jail and has to kick some ass, as is customary. Revenge, I think.

He's chased by "Cop" (Billy Bob Thornton) and "Killer" (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). The former is a veteran police officer, the latter a young hitman. It's the kind of generic story that leaves a lot of room for the flashy kabooms.

Here's your teaser.

The title, Faster, gives me this wonderful idea that he walks out of jail and just never stops. That the movie just builds and builds and builds until an insane conclusion. Almost makes me wish this was made by the same folks who did Crank. They can commit to a gimmick. I hope this will be half as fun.

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