They Call Me... They Call Me... Stalker!

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What the hell, Hilary Swank? Didn't you win an Oscar? Didn't you win two Oscars? What are you doing here? Hell, what is anyone doing in this?

Here's the trailer for The Resident, which plays like a Lifetime movie with a bigger budget. Yep, another movie designed to scare the shit out of white women, and play up the victim angle. It's brutally manipulative and painfully dumb looking. Hilary Swank moves into a new apartment, and her shit gets stalked. Is it Jeffrey Dean Morgan (you, sir, are better than this)? Is it Christopher Lee? Is it gremlins? All this is because you are pretty, white, single, and you didn't change the motherfucking locks when you moved in.

Sheesh. Women, right? So silly.

Watch and rue:

(authenticity note: that opening is horseshit. Most, if not all, landlords change the locks when apartments are vacated)

I guess Christopher Lee needed something to do now that he's done with his metal opera concept album about Charlemagne.

No, seriously.

No, seriously:

(fun fact: Did you know that Lee, in addition to being a knight, is actually a direct descendant of Charlemagne?)

The Resident is coming straight to DVD (shocker) in March.

(source: The Playlist)

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