The Perfect Host Trailer: Who Knew Niles Crane Could Be Such A Delightful Psycho?

By TK | Trailers | April 12, 2011 | Comments ()


Well, this looks like good, twisted fun. Watch it first, if you please:

The Perfect Host from The Perfect Host on Vimeo.

Now, that trailer doesn't give you much, but the gist of it is that a bank robber (played by Clayne Crawford) invades the home of David Hyde Pierce's character, and gets way more than he bargained for. And Pierce looks positively gleefully loony. There's a second trailer over at Apple (click here) which tells a bit more, and gives away a teeny bit too much, but also is a far more compelling trailer. Choose and perish.

Regardless, I enjoy movies like this, with a wicked sense of humor -- or rather a sense of wicked humor, perhaps -- that plays on the whole good guy/bad guy dynamic. Also, that features unexpected actors being batshit crazypants.

Also, evil Niles Crane! What's not to like?

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