More Anchorman, Less Land of the Lost

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | April 12, 2010 |


About five years into classic paycheck cashing straight from the Steve Martin playbook, Will Farrell's next film is The Other Guys, an odd couple buddy cop flick that on paper has all the appeal of, well, the semi-annual shitty odd couple buddy cop flick. Of course, one could argue that that is precisely what Hot Fuzz was on paper as well, and in that case the paper turned out to be edible, and made of chocolate.

The trailer leaves me cautiously amused but only suspiciously hopeful. At this point, a genuinely hilarious Will Farrell film seems as likely as a genuinely hilarious Adam Sandler film. But, this has The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson! And Mark Wahlberg plays Farrell's partner! And it's from Adam McKay (Anchorman)! But then again it's also from Adam McKay (Step Brothers).

The real difference here from the Farrell vehicles of the last few years is that while he is playing an odd character, it's still recognizably a human being instead of being a set of idiosyncrasies that were individually test audience approved to be OMG ROFL.

(source: Huffington Post)

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