Bring It On Into ... Relationshipville?

By Daniel Carlson | Trailers | August 5, 2009 | Comments ()


From the trailer, The Open Road feels like the kind of small-scale flick you'd expect to see financed by a church. Texas-born writer-director Michael Meredith has only made one other feature, 2002's Three Days of Rain, though he did write 2004's Land of Plenty for Wim Wenders. His latest film deals with the grown son of a famous athlete, played respectively by Justin Timberlake and Jeff Bridges, as they drive cross-country to visit Bridges' ailing ex-wife (Mary Steenburgen). They're joined on the trip by Kate Mara as Timberlake's girl. He insists they're just friends, and he and his dad are constantly butting heads, but I would bet any amount up to and including $5 that somehow, someway, just maybe, they'll patch things up by the end of the trip, and that Timberlake and Mara will declare their lurve.

The film's set for release August 28. Check it:

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