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The New 21 Jump Street Trailer Is About As Funny as Richard Greico Looks

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | November 3, 2011 | Comments ()


What is this, people? ANSWER ME. This is not 21 Jump Street. At least not the 21 Jump Street I knew. This is a badly written Superbad, only Skinny Jonah and Charming Potato are cops, except that they're in high school, so it's just Superbad with guns. It doesn't make any sense. Where's the Holly Robinson character? The Dustin Nguyen character? THEY MAY AS WELL HAVE BEEN REMAKING NEVER BEEN KISSED AS A BROMANCE.

This isn't right. This is bullsh*t. Bull. Sh*t.

Ron Swanson is in it, though, which is neat, except that he has to deliver the embarrassing, "Down on Jump Street" line. Ron Swanson should never have to deliver embarrassing lines. Three hobos die every time Ron Swanson is forced to do something humiliating. WHO WILL THINK OF THE HOBOS?

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