The 'Locke' Trailer: Compelling And Intriguing While Leaving Details To The Imagination.

By Jodi Smith | Trailers | March 6, 2014 | Comments ()

By Jodi Smith | Trailers | March 6, 2014 |


If I told you that a movie revolved around a man driving in his car for the entirety of the running time, would you immediately walk away? If I told you that the man in the car was played by Tom Hardy and he was directed by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises), would that help? It certainly made me sit up and pay attention.

Reminiscent of the Ryan Reynolds film Buried, which was beautiful and horrifying and devastating, Tom Hardy’s Ivan Locke is the only face on screen. Instead of finding himself trapped in a coffin, Locke receives a phone call that appears to bring a darker period in his life into the forefront, trapping him in a journey to make amends for his past. The short trailer for Locke conveys the intensity, isolation, consequence, and fear of doing the right thing when it will undoubtedly crush everything you hold dear. If the trailer can move me this much, I’m on board when the entire film releases April 25.


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