A Trailer with Two Actual Buttholes!

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | November 6, 2009 | Comments ()


Holy Shit. Here's the promo trailer for The Killer Inside Me, which may be a first -- a good movie starring Jessica Alba (shove your Sin City bullshit up your buttholes). It's ... ummm ... intense, in large part because of Casey Affleck, who plays a small-town deputy sheriff, is all kinds of psycho-manically awesome. He's seven different ways of fucked up, and likes his sex rough. Like, really rough -- ooops, I killed her, rough.

Needless to say, this five-minute trailer is not just NSFW, but fairly intense and disturbing (it also features Kate Hudson traipsing around with nary an item of clothing). I have no idea why they decided to run a 5-minute trailer that seems to give away the entire damn movie, but it doesn't really dampen my enthusiasm for seeing it. It looks gritty and miserable and intense and kind of great.

I can't believe I want to see a Jessica Alba / Kate Hudson film. Check it out; I think you'll see why.

(H/T Filmdrunk)

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