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The First Rule of Suburban Cult Club... Sound of My Voice Trailer and Clip

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | March 20, 2012 | Comments ()


(Caution: The second clip is unfortunately set to autoplay)

One of the better films at SXSW last year was the low budget sci-fi/time travel/cult weirdos film Sound of My Voice starring (and also co-most everything else) Brit Marling of Another Earth. It starts out with a pair of citizen journalists trying to infiltrate a particularly strange cult, which obsessively showers and has an enigma level secret handshake to go along with the white robes and blindfolded mini-van drives at midnight. It evolves from there in in clever directions to a conclusion that is as unexpected as it makes sense in retrospect.

Fox has picked up the film and is releasing it into theaters April 27th.

Here's the new trailer:

And here's the first twelve minutes of the film, in a bizarre little embed which I can't quite classify as clever or irritating. And since other sites are warning of it, I suppose I should too. This clip is mildly NSFW, for brief intercuts of showering which feature not quite nudity. Titillated? Only the bottoms.

The Street Sweeper by ElliotĀ Perlman | The Pirahna 3DD Red Band Trailer

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