The Double vs. Enemy: Which One of These Doubly Dorky Doppelgängers Deserve Your Dough?
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'The Double' vs. 'Enemy': Which One of These Doubly Dorky Doppelgängers Deserve Your Dough?

By Cindy Davis | Trailers | February 11, 2014 | Comments ()


Well now, this is interesting. In the space of a few days, two trailers appear; each tales of young men with mysterious doubles, each adaptations of novels (both titled The Double) and featuring contemporary—if not classic—closely aged lead actors playing two parts. But which one to choose? Ah, the conundrum.

First up, in the position of dork number one is the recently reviled Jesse Are-You-Kidding-Us-with-This-Lex-Luthor-Shit Eisenberg, the fluffy-curled, Zuckerbergian, anti-hero starring in beloved IT Crowder and Submarine director, Richard Ayoade’s take on a Dostoyevsky tale. Eisenberg plays Simon, a downtrodden office clerk who encounters his physical double—with the complete opposite of his own personality—and must deal with the effect the double has on his life. Mia Wasikowska is Simon’s co-worker crush, and the ever-delightful Sally Hawkins, the company receptionist.

The Double premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and opens April 4th.

Behind theater dork door number two stands our ever-earnest, movie-star wannabe—Jake Gyllenhaal—starring in both halves of Denis Villeneuve’s (Prisoners) one-two punch, and following up his sensitive cop gig with sensitive teacher, Adam, who spies his actor double while watching a film. Obsessed with finding *himself*, Adam hunts down the actor and becomes inapropriately involved in his double’s life. Mélanie Laurent is Adam’s befuddled girlfriend, and Sarah Gadon (A Dangerous Method, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), his double’s wife.

Based on Nobel Prize in Literature winner, José Saramago’s The Double, Enemy also premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and opens March 14th.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) is very confused.

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  • Guest

    'and Sarah Gadon (Enemy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), his double’s wife.'

    When you are noting the cast in a movie, should you really list THAT very movie as a credit?

    Copy/Paste-not always your friend.

  • Actually, just a dumb mistype.

  • JK

    I got to see The Double at Sundance and it was fantastic. Very weird, very funny, great style and performances all around.

  • I similarly saw The Double at Sundance and would agree. It's a fascinating film that Ayode did a hell of a job directing. The cinematography was also fantastic.

  • dizzylucy

    I have such a strong, yet unexplained, dislike for Eisenberg, the idea of 2 of him in a movie is making me a little twitchy.

  • Stu Rat

    Why isn't Eisenberg's double being played by Michael Cera?
    I have no ability to discriminate between the two, surely I'm not alone.

  • cox

    Ayoade. Always. Because he is seriously the best.
    "you dont have to suck cock to get rid of people". words to live by.

  • Robert Sanchez III

    I will be forking over hard earned money for both In an attempt to wash away the sadness that is sure go overcome me from compulsively paying to watch Robocop.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I cant bear to pay for Robocop, if they are going to do remakes, just go the full 9 and remake it shot for shot if you absolutely have to make it.

  • Robert Sanchez III

    The Enemy is on demand this weekend right?

  • zeke_the_pig

    The novel is a goddamn masterpiece so my choice would have to be 'none of the above'. Though if I had to choose then I'd like to have seen a Gylenhaal/Ayoade take on it. Ayoade seems to have the smarts and Gylenhaal's got that hangdog look down.

  • Aaron Schulz

    Ayoade is doing the Eisenberg one

  • zeke_the_pig

    Yeah, that's why I'd like a nice little mix up of the two.

  • Aaron Schulz

    that makes more sense now

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