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The Devil Inside Trailer: Me And The Devil Blues

By TK | Trailers | October 18, 2011 | Comments ()


Exorcism movies are getting all too common these days. Actually, cancel that: bad exorcism movies are getting all too common. Good ones? Few and far fucking between. After sitting through the disappointing The Rite last year, one starts to wonder if, even with solid casting, there will ever be another good one (although I concede that The Last Exorcism was pretty decent).

Now we have The Devil Inside, which wins a point simply for not having the word "exorcism" in it because seriously, that shit is tired. It's yet another faux-documentary, this time about a woman working with a handful of holy men to try to understand why her mother killed a bunch of people years before. The exorcism scenes appear to be the standard stuff -- speaking in tongues, weird bouts of jerky contortionism, stuff flying around the room, and more jump scares than you can throw a dead priest at. But... it looks like it could be mildly entertaining, in a predictable fashion. It certainly can't be worse than The Exorcism of Emily Rose or, God forbid, Exorcist: The Beginning, can it?

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