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The Bourne Legacy Trailer: It's Not Jason Bourne, But It Might Be The Next Best Thing

By TK | Trailers | February 8, 2012 | Comments ()


"There was never just one."

There's been some trepidation over the idea behind The Bourne Legacy, the next entry in the Bourne films that, well, won't feature Jason Bourne. Instead, it features Jeremy Renner as another soldier in the Treadstone program, with a whole new set of problems. Yet the fact remains that the cast for this is absolutely top-notch, featuring some returning from the original trilogy -- namely Joan Allen and Albert Finney. Add in Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz, and good god -- that's a hell of a cast.

And the teaser trailer below is a nice one. It's moody, atmospheric, and sets a strong tone for the film, which comes out this summer. No, Jeremy Renner isn't Jason Bourne, but he might be the next best thing.


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