The Avengers Trailer: Assemble, Motherf*ckers

By TK | Trailers | October 11, 2011 | Comments ()


A few quick thoughts beyond "fuck yes."

- The trailer is, unsurprisingly, Iron Man-heavy. He's the most well-known and probably well-liked by moviegoers.

- The interplay between the characters looks (at least, in this brief sample) pretty great, particularly that between Stark and Steve Rogers, and Stark and Bruce Banner (now played by Mark Ruffalo).

- Love the Hulk shot at the end.

- Needs more Hawkeye.

- Needs less ScarJo.

- Needs more Loki.

- Someone/thing is shooting big-ass laser beams at out planet. Loki? Skrulls? Who knows.

- If Cap doesn't bellow out "Avengers Assemble!" at some point, I'll be fucking furious.

OK, that's enough. Watch the damn thing.

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