The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser: I Had Reservations Until I Found Out C. Thomas Howell Was in this Bitch

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | July 20, 2011 | Comments ()


I'll be the first to admit that I had reservations about another Spider-man reboot so soon after Sam Raimi's run. I mean, what's the point, right? But this new trailer FINALLY answers the burning question of this ordinary teenager turns into a Spider-man superhero?

He was bitten by a spider! Who knew!? How revelatory! And now, those that were too young to watch Sam Raimi's original Spider-man 9 whole years ago will finally understand. Thank you, Sony. Thank you for providing yet another origins story. You're too kind! Too gracious! Too f*cking repetitive.

Oh, and C. Thomas Howell. Without blackface! Now the world will finally know what he looks like as a white man.

Seriously, though: It's rare that a teaser trailer could dampen my lack of interest even further. Marc Webb is a great director, and obviously Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are fantastic. But this is simply not a story that needs to be retold.

(Source: Movie List via The Playlist)

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