That DNA Looks Human: 'Helix' Trailer

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That DNA Looks Human: 'Helix' Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | November 6, 2013 | Comments ()


I’m pretty sure that I used that headline for a previous article about Helix, but if I did then take it as a particularly subtle statement about how derivative the show seems to be. I do hate that word though, not because of the math connotations, because I love math. Because it’s this easy to throw down meaningless hipster critique of absolutely anything, but sounds like you’re actually giving an intellectual opinion.

Of course it’s derivative. Everything is derivative. The definition of genre could be rewritten as ‘a set of stories that are derivative of each other’. Shakespeare lifted most of his plots from existing plays and well-known stories, is he derivative too? Oh so now I’m comparing Helix to the Bard? No, jackass. You know what else is derivative? Using logical fallacies to win arguments on the Internet in your own head. Which I just did too. Meaning that your internal argument that being derivative is bad is true by virtue of being derivative of my argument that it doesn’t matter. Boom.

Simpson’s did it. Let’s move on to the trailer:

Honestly this trailer just made me hungry. I know the black ooze stuff is supposed to be grody, but I can’t help thinking that it looks exactly like chocolate syrup (which it probably is). So I’m not worried about strange alien human hybrids with black oil leaking from their orifices X-Files style so much as I’m worried about whether I could get an ice cream sundae this early in the morning.

It’s never too early for ice cream. My grandma used to bring me ice cream sundaes for breakfast in bed, and she was at least in the top five women who ever lived.

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