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"Terra Nova" Trailer: Jurassic Park IV: Time Travel Boogaloo

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | May 2, 2011 |

Fox kept up the greatest hits montage of screw ups over the last few months by bringing in different people to reedit the pilot which was starting to suffer from being poked and prodded and recut by half of the individuals who have ever drawn a paycheck in Hollywood. Avatar fatigue certainly hasn't helped the early press, which shows a jungle and Stephen Lang playing the same guy he did on Pandora. Then Fox decided that the pilot wouldn't air in May as originally planned because of the aforementioned clusterfuck. Finally, they capped it all off by announcing after the first season was finished being written that they were firing the entire writing staff.

This doesn't even get to the monumental problems of plot, which always seem to be the last thing considered. See, the entire plot revolves around: the future sucks, we'll get a fresh start in the past. It doesn't take Marty fading in a photograph to see the problems with that premise. But don't think about that! Look DINOSAURS! And they accidentally land in the middle of a whole bunch of carnivores. RAARRR!

Fuck off Fox, so far this mess isn't fit to wipe Dalek ash off the ass end of the TARDIS.

What am I forgetting? Oh, there's a trailer.

(source: Film School Rejects)

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