Tatiana's Back, and That's All That Really Matters About Orphan Black
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Tatiana's Back, and That's All That Really Matters About 'Orphan Black'

By Cindy Davis | Trailers | March 10, 2014 | Comments ()


I’m not going to lie; the first season of Orphan Black faded away for me. The premise was great, and watching Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) discover who and what she is opened up an exciting television doorway. I was ripe for the plucking after Dollhouse’s demise, but as the series began plodding through some of the second half’s soapy silliness (Alison and her husband), I’m afraid I lost interest. That said, I was still impressed with Tatiana’s fantastic range, adored Felix (Jordan Gavaris), and some of the clones (Sarah, Rachel, Cosima) may draw me back in. At the very least, Maslany deserves a second chance. This new trailer holds promise, with Rachel and Sarah at odds, a missing Kira (Skyler Wexler) and new (or changed?) clones…

I’m totally down with shooting everyone. Now it’s time to put my faith in the writers—here’s hoping they can bring Series 2 up to Tatiana’s level. Orphan Black returns to BBCA April 19th.

Oh and hey, did you know there were secret binary messages hidden in the recent BBCA sneak peeks? Pretty cool…pretty, pretty cool.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) could be a clone. You don’t know.

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  • Dominic

    I can't agree with ur premise of complaint here , as i noted above that Alison is a comic relief character anyway . Not worth dumping the show just because u hate her . and maybe you were supposed to focus more on the secret of Rachel , and the local police geting serious wind of this , in order to carry your suspense over . Sarah's jailbait unless Art clears her . will he do right by Beth's memory ? is one plotline . Having Sarah backtrail her trail to Mrs S is the other main suspense , to me ..
    1st season answered all the MAIN questions . Now the 2nd has Sarah , et al , deal with the answers ..

  • Maddy

    Come on, Alison with the glue gun was amazing!

  • Dominic

    and it's very hard to act silly and comic all the time . Always over the top . Not ae easy looking as "authentic " as some here might think . You could say Allison is Tatianna's hardest character , next to Helena ....

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    I really liked the show, but the whole "I'm not a person, I'm property" thing really pulled me out of my willing suspension of disbelief. I know I am being a pedant, but that issue (can you patent a clone, or cloned cells) is already asked an answered. It would take her 30 seconds on Google to find that as far back as 1980, the court has ruled on cloning, but not extending it to humans. There are some ethics professors like to pontificate about how 'if you read certain patents a certain way...' you could own the genetic material of a clone, but extending it to a sentient human is not legal.

    It gets a bit dicy on embryos though. There are some questions on that one.

  • I have to agree. I love the show, but that bit just ripped me out of the story. I hope they dispense with it quickly, especially as it would never apply to Kira, who was not cloned.

  • Dominic

    Umm you can keep your suspension of belief by realizing that the COURT saying you're not a human and have no rights , is quite different from YOU the individual clone saying it OR believing it ( who would fight for gay marriage ? since the Courts were denying permission ?? is one example ) Thus the morality play of this story still applies . Even if you totally hate the premise and payoff , this show is one of thse u can watch purely to enjoy the acting .. I.e. tatianna and her malleable acting talent .....Isn't this "Sarah" 's main dilemmna : she feels human and rejects any notion that she IS property ? " I'm the Original , Dammit ! " ... vs ALL of the other clones who knew of the program and accept their "creation" in a test tube ? .. The law and Human belief/ will , are sometimes incompatible ...

    also Kira's humaness wouldn't stop her from being snatched up and tested in a lab , as it seems the Matt Frewer character might like to do .. They'd just keep her drugged , and return her somewhere as if she had just run away ....
    when u watch TV please try to remember that these are Characters written with BROAD outlines . But also that she may have been writen specifically to piss a segment of the audience off AND still represent its base segment ( working moms in suburbia , who maybe just can't take it anymore .... ) at the same time . Actually I see Allison written as a comic relief character. . Cosima ( "I'm gonna kiss a girl ! ") and Sarah have the best scripts and serious morality discussions . So they had to lighten it up somehow ... .

  • I am willing to critique government, religion, and my own children, so I reserve the right to do the same for shows I like. My reaction is valid because it is MY reaction. You're welcome to share yours, and I will happily read it and engage, but I do not expect to be told how to watch TV nor what I can and cannot think about the structure, characters, and plot devices.

  • Dominic

    "I love the show, but that bit just ripped me out of the story." Really ? c'mon all their brilliant acting and concept gets flushed for one somewhat minor plothole ? and u know in THIS world it's be tied up in couts for possibly 5-10 years , meaning that 'intellectual property " WOULD be kept in a petrie dish by somebody ., owned . Yeah justice and the American way would win , on appeal ...
    sometimes , I think people do need lessons on how to watch TV and movies . as they get bent out of shape over the littlest thing ,. Without knowing or understanding the form an actor or storyteller is adhering to . yes Allison is kind of silly , but she's SUPPOSED to be . So i don;t hate the character and its place in the narrative . . Whether the company CAN keep the embryos is a moot point until judges rule , as they have them NOW . amd are trying to reacquire the whole line ..if u say " well they can't keep the embryos " or have Leekie say it , then , not much drama going on , is there ?.

    I have and have had multiple family members in Hollywood and on Broadway . I tend to watch video entertainment like a Prducer of it would , not just as a Consumer with my brain turned off NOT saying that is you specifically , just that you rwo are overreacting on this legal embryo flub

  • Sorry, but as a writer I know that the producer of the content does not get to determine the reaction of the consumer. If I write a scene in which someone pulls back the hammer on an automatic pistol, that is going to pull anyone who has shot guns right out of the story. That's on me, not on the person who suddenly thinks - based on their experience - no, that's not how automatic pistols work.

    This happens to me all the time in books, with TV, and in films. It doesn't mean I don't enjoy the rest of the story, it means that moment didn't work for me. That happens. It's not an indictment of the entire work nor the art form. And it is absolutely the reader/watcher's right to react in the way they react because the way they view the thing is not the way the producers do. It's not even the way the person sitting next to them does.

    There is no way to control how someone reacts to your art, and that is part of what makes it interesting and cool - and risky to put your art out there. That's the price of admission for anyone making art, and most of the folks involved have made peace with that. I'm not sure why you get so freaked out about the way other people react to a show.

  • Dominic

    sometimes , tho , have to remember ur medium . and that not everyone knows certain facts like that about ANYTHING .. if they see a gun with a hammer , they;re gonna expect it to be pulled back . again that's a dramatic licensce tool , because it ramps up the drama of the situation . just showing u a finger on the trigger about to pull isn't the same as dramatically pulling the hammer or barrel back before pointing the gun and squeezing the trigger .. See why ?
    ok well that is a more moderate response . u said it ruined the who;e story of the season for you , so that's what I was freaking out about . in general , I can ignore one bad thing about a show if the rest is solid . Cause it IS just TV and that's actually a good % ...I consider OB well above the average TV show out there ....

  • Dominic

    Every show has " inconsistencies " .
    esp a sci fi show ..

  • Dominic

    and if I read the trailer right , the fact that the corporate tycoon clone Rachel RUNS the operation , in some manner , may really freak Sarah out . I was wondering where they could go with each individual story and still link them all . Or is it only going to be Dr Leekie and Art chasing them ?
    So Pajiba's going to have an OB recap forum right ?

  • Brady

    Love the trailer, but not enough Felix. Not nearly enough Felix.

  • NateMan

    It's also FINALLY available on Amazon Prime!

  • Fabius_Maximus

    That "soapy silliness" deteriorated pretty quickly, though.

  • zeke_the_pig

    I agree: Orphan Black, which I was at first enamoured with, has faded significantly in my mind. Meanwhile, Dollhouse, which I was so quick to dismiss at first, has grown to almost monolithic size; overcoming its shortcomings and attaining a poignant edge. Funny how that works.

  • HerthaWilcox

    which type of secret for the Orphan black ?

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