Stand By J.J.: New Super 8 Trailer and Poster

By Cindy Davis | Trailers | March 13, 2011 | Comments ()


If you're looking for someone more cynical about J.J. Abrams than me ("Lost!" Star Trek!), good luck. That said, this new Super 8 trailer (debuted on Twitter) doesn't look half bad. I like that it opens with Amblin Entertainment's ET shadow, because I kept waiting for the little dude's head to pop up--or to see him hidden in one of the frames like one of those "Can you find?" kids' puzzles. I wasn't impressed by the first trailer but this one, rife with its Spielbergian influences, looks promising. Instead of focusing entirely on the overblown train crash effects, we get a little more of the characters and the town that's about to receive a visitor. Whether this visitor turns out to be friendly or a purple people eater remains to be seen; I'm leaning towards a monstery alien, but maybe he's just misunderstood.

Super 8 is set in a small Ohio town during the late 70s and follows a group of kids who catch a catastrophic train wreck (and maybe something else) on film while they're making a movie. Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights") plays the likable sheriff who tries to make sense of some strange events that start occurring after the crash.

Here's the new trailer:

And the cool poster:


This twisted up close encounter also stars Elle Fanning, Ron Eldard, Amanda Michalka and Noah Emmerich and is set for a June 10, 2011 release.

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