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Yet Another Rowlesian Work Of Whimsy... Featuring John Cleese

By TK | Trailers | December 13, 2010 | Comments ()


Earlier this year, I described the quiet little indie flick Bass Ackwards as a "Rowlesian work of whimsy." I never really thought I'd have reason to drag that particular turn of phrase out again, but after watching the trailer for Spud, I feel I have no choice. This is, indeed, a Rowlesian work of whimsy. It's cute, it's got charming music, it focuses on a coming-of-age tale. It's the type of thing that makes me goddamn nauseous.

Except, of course, for two things:

1) It's a South African film, filmed in South Africa with an almost entirely South African cast. Despite my recent foray into American citizenship, I still identify a good bit with South Africa, and am always interested in seeing their film industry thrive... basically, I keep waiting for the next Totsi or District 9. Spud looks like it has some promise, in no small part because...

2) John Cleese. It's a proven fact that almost all things are made better with a good Cleesing, and Spud appears to be no different. He's only got a few seconds in the trailer, but they're a few seconds of wonderful Cleesing.


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