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Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer: Charlize Theron, Pretty Hate Machine

By TK | Trailers | November 10, 2011 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | November 10, 2011 |

Theron looks every inch the vain, venomous dark queen, and Chris Hemsworth -- who barely had to change out of his Thor costume -- looks sufficiently gruff and rough-hewn. There's about two seconds of dwarf time, which is a shame since I'm dying to see how they turn out -- the dwarfs are played by Ian McShane as Caesar, Eddie Izzard as Tiberius, Bob Hoskins as Constantine, Toby Jones as Claudius, Eddie Marsan as Hadrian, Stephen Graham as Nero, Ray Winstone as Trajan, and Nick Frost as Gus. That's a hell of a list.

The x-factor will be Kristen Stewart's Snow White. Ignoring the fact that one is hard pressed to say she's more beautiful than Theron (she's a lovely girl, don't get me wrong, but...), I'm curious to see if she can give a performance that consists of more than biting her lip, gasping, crying, and running her hands through her hair. Because seriously K-Stew: range, girl. Lookitup.

Here's the poster as well as the new banner, for those who are curious:



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