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I don’t think this is a particularly controversial thing to say, but it desperately needs to be said: The Broken Lizard guys are fucking terrible. Super Troopers wasn’t funny. Beerfest wasn’t funny. And The Dukes of Hazzard (from Jay Chandrasekhar) was the anti-funny. I don’t understand why these guys have any sort of cult following, nor do I understand why they were allowed to keep making terribly unfunny films. I think someone in Hollywood keeps mistaking them for the guys from “The State” (also not that funny, but much better than Broken Lizard). It’s not even as though their films make any money. Broken Lizard exists for exactly no reason except for me to hate. I am completely confused as to why they have had any “success” at all.

Anyway, their next movie is Slammin Salmon, which looks like a very bad rip-off of Waiting, set in a nicer restaurant. It stars the Broken Lizard guys, Michael Clarke Duncan (again? What’s with MCD and shitty films this week?) and somewhat sadly, Cobie Smulders, who does so little outside of “HIMYM” that I’d just realized her real name wasn’t Robin Scherbatsky. This is the trailer — and you know the movie is bad when the trailer bores you to blood tears after 90 seconds. Note to trailer editors — when you’re trying to elicit an audience, if there’s not enough material for a lousy 2 minute trailer, don’t stretch it into 3 minutes. K? Assmunchfacedoohickeys.

License and Registration... Chicken F**ker

Jumped the ... Lizard / Dustin Rowles

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