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Silent House Trailer: Martha Marcy May Don't Scream

By TK | Trailers | February 22, 2012 | Comments ()

Silent House Movie New Stills (1).jpg

The trailer for Silent House has been floating around for a few weeks, but it's worth showing it now, given how close we are the film's March 9th release. It's a remake of the Uruguayan film La Casa Muda, a film that I liked, but didn't love. It's a gimmick film, and while it thankfully spares us from being yet another "found footage" film, the original did rest its laurels on that gimmick. In this case, it's purported to be a film shot in real time, in a single take.

That single take was an impressive bit of film making, but made for an ultimately unfulfilling film. The remake, directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau (who respectively directed and wrote the chilling Open Water), stars Elizabeth Olsen, who people have been raving about in the aftermath of Martha Marcy May Marlene. It's hard to gauge much from the trailer -- it's actually kind of an irritatingly edited trailer, in fact -- the time freezes and ticking clocks annoyed me, although it does have a bit of a throwback vibe to it.

Anyway, I'm curious to see if they can improve upon the original. This is one of those cases where I don't object to a remaking at all, because the remake has a lot of room for improvement. It's an interesting concept (if you've seen La Casa Muda, you know that it's got potential -- but don't spoil it), and it'd be refreshing to see it done with a little more panache.

Take a look:

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