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She's The Hero We Deserve, But Not The One We Need Right Now: The Best Wonder Woman Film You'll Never See

By TK | Trailers | February 28, 2013 | Comments ()

But there's always fan films, and here is one of the better ones. This is a trailer, directed by Jesse V. Johnson, for a Wonder Woman flick that'll never see the light of day. It's pretty badass, starring mostly-unknown actress Nina Bergman as a 40's era Wonder Woman fighting Nazis. She's got a good physicality and decent presence, and it's got just enough budget to look respectable, even if it's a little goofy at times (my favorite is the SS soldier wearing a T-shirt that says "SS," like it's his home football team).
Take a lookie:

Not bad, eh? It has entirely too much slow-motion, which is something that crops up when you have weak fight choreography, but considering this was made for peanuts, I'll give that a pass. Most frustrating is unfortunate decision to throw in a rape threat from one of her captors, and second most frustrating is the fact that she's still wearing that silly bathing suit replete with a gratuitous ass shot was, well, gratuitous. It's good, not great, but still better than most of what you've likely seen recently.

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