Shailene Woodley Has Found Her "I'm Not a Kid Anymore!" Role

By Vivian Kane | Trailers | June 10, 2014 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | Trailers | June 10, 2014 |


It’s not unusual for a young actress with a hearty stake in the YA market to branch out suddenly with an overtly sexy, more adult role. Dakota Fanning had The Runaways, Miley Cyrus had… everything that’s happened since Hannah Montana. These transitions are the cinematic equivalent of screaming “Stop treating me like a chi-ULD! GAWD!” and slamming your bedroom door.

Well, it look like it’s time to welcome Shailene Woodley to join that door-slamming club. She of the Misunderstood Definition of Feminism Club has joined up with writer/director Gregg Araki, who’s happily carved out a niche in the sexy teens genre. White Bird In A Blizzard screened at Sundance this year, and is set to hit theaters and VOD in September, filling that YA gap between Insurgent and Divergent with a big dose of crimped hair make out parties.

Oh right, plus: Eva Green.

eva green.jpg

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