Sam Raimi's 1981 Proof of Concept Film for Evil Dead

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Sam Raimi's 1981 Proof of Concept Film for Evil Dead

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | January 17, 2013 | Comments ()


Back in 1981, before making Evil Dead for nickels, Sam Raimi made a thirty minute concept film for pennies in order to secure said nickels. Calling it a "prototype", Raimi got Bruce Campbell on board and went to town with $1600 and a dream.

Of course, this means that with Evil Dead 2 being a virtual remake of the first Evil Dead, and the upcoming April reboot of the franchise, this old prototype is just about the fourth (though first chronologically) telling of essentially the same story by Raimi. But in his defense, that's exactly what horror stories are. They are the things that we tell over and over again by the campfire. Hell, the cliche of horror is that we generally can pick out from the first scene exactly what is going to happen to every character in the story. If humor is the brain reacting to the novel firing of neurons that have never connected before, horror is the exact opposite, it's the story we already know. And yet we tell it over and over again.

The entire film is embedded below:

Holy fuzzy analog Batman. There are snuff films from the sixties clearer than that.

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