A Trio of Trailers - Take Two And Throw The Third In The Bushes

By Seth Freilich | Trailers | May 24, 2011 | Comments ()

By Seth Freilich | Trailers | May 24, 2011 |


There are a lot of reasons I love going to films festivals like Sundance and South By Southwest. Yes they're a lot of fun, although they're also a lot of work. But whenever I get back, friends and colleagues ask me if I saw anything good they should keep their eye out for, and I love being able to advocate for great stuff that I've seen. With the release of three new trailers for flicks that were at these festivals this year, it's time to advocate.

First up, there's Conan O'Brian Can't Lose, a documentary which Dustin rightfully praised as a funny and honest look at Conan's post-"The Tonight Show" days and tour. Here's the trailer:

Funny stuff, trust.

Less funny is Take Shelter, Michael Shannon's a film that premiered at Sundance and which has stuck with me perhaps more than any movie I've seen this year. It's dark and beautiful and Michael Shannon gives an Oscar-worthy performance (it's so Oscar-worthy that he's almost guaranteed to be completely ignored).

It's hard to "adore" a move like this, however it is you love a dark and tormented movie, that's how I love Take Shelter.

Lastly, there's Salvation Boulevard. I do not advocate for seeing this one, but will share the trailer nevertheless:

Don't let a decently-intriguing trailer lead you astray. This movie is a disappointing hot mess. But I do love Jennifer Connelly's roadside freakout. Make a whole movie out of that, and I'm there.

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