Safe Trailer: Jason Statham Project #435, Adorable Moppet Edition

By TK | Trailers | November 14, 2011 | Comments ()


It's starting to feel like The Statham puts out a dozen movies a year, you know? He's had four movies released in 2011 and has at least three more slated for next year. The man isn't big on quality over quantity, and that's probably because audiences eat up his particular brand of cocksure, acrobatic asskicking. Hell, I know I do.

As is the case with most action stars, at some point you gotta do the kid picture, and it's Statham's turn. For him, the kid picture is Safe, where he plays a grizzled ex-cop who rescues a young girl who has a secret and everyone is out to get them and blah blah blah just fucking punch someone already, would you?

Here's the trailer.

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