Runner Runner Trailer Looks Stupid Stupid
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Runner Runner Trailer Looks Stupid Stupid

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | September 5, 2013 | Comments ()


I caught this trailer at the beginning of Getaway, but I’d forgotten about it due to the forget-me-now I popped as soon as I posted the review to the site. (Was it good? Did I try to forget just so I could enjoy watching it for a first time all over again?). But wow, does this trailer ever do its job conveying just how terrible Runner Runner will be as a film:

I mean, I get that it’s a nice turn for Affleck to go villain on us. Even though he can act, a lot of people get a smug vibe off him even in his roles, and when he lets the smug Hulk out to smash like in Boiler Room, it’s a wonderful thing to watch.

On the other hand the entire trailer seems to be about just how monumentally stupid a human being can be in every decision that he faces. First, we have a 32 year old singer playing a 19 year old gambling anonymously on the Internet with the totes foolproof system he developed in order to make tuition money instead of like I don’t know, filling out a FAFSA. It’s like screenwriters have not the slightest clue how college is paid for. Did they not go? Did their parents just cut checks for it? Do they seriously think that the list of options on the table for coming up with tuition money out of pocket are limited to gambling, prostitution, and robbing banks?

And past that, said moron decides that once he’s horribly and unfairly cheated online while he was trying to cheat online, that the only logical course of action is to fly to the island where the website is hosted and politely ask for the money swindled from him that he stole by rights.

It’s too bad he didn’t check his email before leaving, because then he would have bought plane tickets to Nigeria instead where he would have had a much better chance of seeing his money before being shown his own intestines.

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  • Jiffylush

    Saying something nice about this trailer...

    Gemma Arterton sure is pretty.

  • St

    It’s reminds me Liam Hemsworth in Paranoia. Those trailers are like twins. Both have young pretty face, who is weak actor but everyone pretends they can act and be leading man. They play some young and naive/stupid hero who has to fight for him to get out of troubles. And some famous actor plays silly villain. And there has to be pretty girl too. And police involved. And it all looks cheap and uninteresting. And everyone knows it will flop.

  • Theron

    WHO is the person that says: "hey you know what? Justin Timberlake can act and comes off very likable on screen.."

  • Yes, I was watching the trailer on mute in the cinema lobby just last night. Innocent bystanders surely saw me with confused look & shaking my head. After about 30s I determined this film looks bad, 'Paycheck' bad.

  • "I cannot wait to see this movie."

    - Brian Byrd, 2003

  • aroorda

    ...I thought it looked a little intriguing....

    *leaves with head hung in shame

  • JJ

    Runner Runner Chicken... Dunner? Sorry, that's all the effort I have for this.

  • mairimba

    0:33 - La Cueva del Indio, Puerto Rico.

    It's cool that people go down to PR to films movies, but why do they have to be crap? I'm looking at you too, Rum Diaries.

  • Classic

    LOL at your review. Several people in the theater when this came on were like seriously?

    Also I cannot get behind Timberlake as a leading man. He really is not leading man material. I can see him as a supporting character with very few lines.

  • stella

    Whenever I see the poster I misread it as Bladerunner and I get confused.

  • BWeaves

    Even my Ph.D. toting husband's stupid students know how to play the system better than that. They get financial aid. They show up for class and don't do shit. They don't care if they fail, because they get to keep the money. They just cannot be withdrawn from class for non attendance. If they get withdrawn, then have to pay the money back. So they show up every day until the withdrawal deadline, and then they quit showing up.

  • When you see JT trying to act against vastly superior performers, it really displays how not-good he really is.

  • It's usually my job to troll for up votes by deriding Timberlake. But I dislike him so much I'm happy to let others join in.

  • Fredo

    I swear, I confused Affleck there with Chris Evans. Then I realized I did that because it looked like one of those fake movie posters Chris Evans did for Scott Pilgrim.

    That's what this looks like: a fake movie that's invented for a plot joke of a real movie.

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