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Rum Diary Trailer: Briefly, Disney Lets Johnny Depp Borrow His Own Soul

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | August 26, 2011 | Comments ()


Here's the trailer for Rum Diary, based on Hunter S. Thompson's novel. I wrote my honors thesis in college on Hunter S. Thompson. I've read all his work, and honestly, Rum Diary wasn't one of my favorites. It is, however, better suited to the big screen than Fear and Loathing, the movie for which I didn't care for. I was too involved in the work of Hunter S. Thompson to see it blown up on the big-screen and as much as I dig Depp (even moreso at the time), he isn't Hunter S. Thompson. I have no such qualms with Rum Diary. And the trailer looks ... OK. I never would've pegged Amber Heard for a movies based on a Thompson novel, but she seems to fit, and Depp gets to pull out his kooky. Again.

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