Rage Against the Dying of the Light: Interstellar Trailer
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Rage Against the Dying of the Light: Interstellar Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | July 31, 2014 | Comments ()


Some people cry at movies where teenaged lovers meet their tragedy with eyes open and hands held tight. Some when the old gunslinger dies to save the young. Some when true love recognizes itself in another’s eyes. Some for beauty, some for sadness. Me, I cry when men dare to dream, when they step trembling into the beyond, leaving all familiar ties behind. I cry when we peer over their shoulders and my god, it’s full of stars.

They’re a strange mix of tears. Tears of joy at the beauty of the dream, of setting sail for the unknown shore. Tears of empathetic sadness for the characters who must leave everything behind. Tears of rage at the idiocy of our species, who once rode pillars of fire into the skies but gave up those dreams with the rationalized logic of poets becoming accountants.

I’ve watched this trailer for Interstellar a dozen times, and the tears still stir. It’s a story that one after another hits every dimension of that melancholic joy that burns whenever I look up at the stars.

Because it’s next. Because we were not meant to die here. Because of those ancestors who tore their eyes from the dirt to stare at the sky and become men instead of apes. Because we will not go gentle.

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  • I'm so ready for this.

  • stella

    i WANT TO GO TO SPACE! *stomps foot*

  • Teared up like the sap I am.

  • whatever

    Really and truly seems like crap.

    This is not a troll.

    It just seems like a truly stupid plot.

  • Nadiney

    Well shit.

    Also, I love that amogst 'Jibans if few places else I'm not the only one who sometimes looks at the stars and feels like....powerful things.

  • logan

    The link does not work for me. : (

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Probably because Jesus see's what you do when you're alone at night.

  • logan

    Thanks for your help.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Not at all. Helping people is my true calling in life.

  • HasenKlub

    That was honestly the most beautiful review of a film trailer that I have ever read. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who can start to cry just by looking to the sky and having that wave of sheer immensity wash over.

    Watching videos like this are my drug:

  • Sassy Pikachu

    One of the nice thing about living near the ocean is that I love to go there late into the night and gaze at the stars. When it is black all around you all you see is the night sky dazzled with stars and the calming sound of the ocean waves. It really is a humbling experience.

  • HasenKlub

    Ugh, lucky... :-)

  • Ryan Ambrose

    That's one perfectly assembled trailer. Enough emotional stuff to convince me I have to watch this movie and without giving anything plot-related away.

    By the way, didn't The Fountain have a similar theme to “Love is the one thing that transcends time and space”? That's one great comparison from where I'm standing because that little film is, for me, the apex of cinema.

  • dragonchild

    Grrrr, I think I know why they put that in there, and it's both understandable yet frustratingly tragic. They obviously think they can't get the general moviegoing public to fall in love with space to they have to add family and love and saving the world as sales pitches, making the film's vision (as presented here) as myopic as looking at the very dirt the protagonist first stood on.

    Thing is, love doesn't transcend anything. It's very tangible and that's pretty much its strength. Love can give someone courage, drive one insane, convert effort into bliss. But for all its hype, it dies with the object of affection. What lingers is memories, whether painful or fond. A father will shield a child from bullets because the CHILD IS ALIVE. A father who's already lost his children has no such need for courage or sacrifice. If anything, love is the most tangible and ergo the LEAST transcendental emotion there is. You can be scared of your shadow or hate someone you've never met, but love begins with a spark you feel only after you've seen, heard or met someone, and burns into something else when you lose them.

    What transcends space and time is vision. Once this guy takes in the reality that his children have probably died of old age before he's visited his third planet, he's a lot less likely to push on. The scientist whose passion is fed by the collective knowledge of humanity and the hunger for more, that is the one who will rage against the dying of the light. And the saddest thing for me is how so few people in this world understand that passion that no one is confident they can sell it on its merits.

    So here we go, off to save the world again because daddy loves his beautiful white daughter. . .

  • Naye

    I disagree. Just because you have lost a love does not mean that love isn't transcendental. Especially in the case of childless parents that loves continues on and on even without the tangible being there. Many paretns that have lost children in horrific and preventable ways continue to sacrifice the life they once had to make sure that no one else must lose someone they love. I also believe that you dont have to know something to love it. Any pregnant woman carrying to term can tell you that you are in love with that child before you ever meet. Likewise, those who have reached a certain level of spirituality and selflessness can learn to love those that they have never and never will meet, and those are the people who have done the greatest humanitarian works. Their vision is combined with their love.

    And Idk there are quite a few movies that deal wonderfully with space, but they obviously have to have a plot so... I mean if you just want a space video about the wonders of space you can find several miniseries on television, or go to your local Air and Space and watch an IMAX.

  • Dennis Albert Ramirez

    i looooved the Fountain. especially the ending that just ties the totality of everything together.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    My all-time favourite film and quite possibly the only one that made me feel a palpable sense of awe at the universe.

    I remembered now, the line that gives me goosebumps when Rachel Weisz says it is "Death is the road to awe", but I also think there's another one similar to the one spoken in this trailer.

  • kbenton

    Agreed. Wonderful...

  • Maydays

    Looks great, and space movies are always an awesome theater experience. It's so rare that I want to see something in a theater vs at home.

  • Dennis Albert Ramirez

    i can't wait to see that shot of whatever the hell that giant blurry Saturn looking thing behind that planet on the big screen. here's hoping it's a "shadow" of our Saturn in that other dimension/side of space/whatever

  • Sassy Pikachu

    it looked like a star being devoured by a black hole to me. I'm really excited about this movie and hope they won't screw up the science too badly.

  • Dennis Albert Ramirez

    i also get emotional about stories of exploration or our place in the universe (see Cosmos) and all the wonder and terror it entails.

    and man, the way Matt's daughter asks when he'll be back...i know it's probably cut a certain way for the trailer, but if he also has no answer for her in the final film, ooof, im gonna lose it right there

  • DeaconG

    I know, I kept having the feeling halfway thru that no one wanted to talk about a little thing called time dilation...

  • $116023062

    Needs more Chastain.


    *as everything and everyone does.

  • Agreed. Though that still of her from Zero Dark Thirty in the aviators does more for me than the sideboob shot.

  • Dennis Albert Ramirez


  • Jiffylush

    Looks amazing

  • John G.

    Steven? I love you. No! Steven! I love you!

  • Pants-are-a-must

    I think my kidneys are somewhere are my feet right now.

  • Yep. Will watch.

    SLW, I used to have a physics professor who used to blame all of society's ills on light pollution. He used to say that for centuries, we all stared in the night at the stars and dreamed of things that were possible, but that, modern man had drowned out the stars with his own light and couldn't find his way anymore.

  • I'm with you (and your prof). When we hosted a Parisian exchange student not long ago, she spent her first evening with us lying on our driveway in sub-freezing temperatures staring at the Milky Way, declaring she had never seen so many stars.
    We're lucky enough to be able to see deep into the forever from our suburban front yard.

  • luthien26

    That's kind of beautiful. And I think he's right.

  • dragonchild

    SLW is a "Stellvia" fan and just doesn't know it yet.

  • Merski

    The Nolan Effect - I don't know what the hell this movie is really going to be about but I want to see it RIGHT NOW!

  • dragonchild

    The danger is that while Nolan is very good at making effective films, they often have a terrible message. This is one sort of story I don't think I can endure being screwed up the Nolan way. It'll be so well-shot that I'll want to love it, but only wind up hating it even more.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin


  • CLFilm

    Yep, this one made me cry too.

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