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By Seth Freilich | Trailers | November 9, 2009 | Comments ()

By Seth Freilich | Trailers | November 9, 2009 |


As many of you know, Tim Burton is working on his version of Alice in Wonderland, which is currently slated to drop in March. As Dustin said about it after the teaser trailer came out over the summer: "It looks pretty much exactly as you'd imagine an Alice in Wonderland adaptation from Tim Burton might, and Johnny Depp kicks some rabbit hole ass." Well SyFy has its own adaptation of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece coming out next month, and to paraphrase Dustin: "It looks pretty much exactly as you'd imagine a cheesy Alice in Wonderland adaptation from the channel formerly known as SciFi might."

"Alice" is written and directed by Nick Willing, who directed (but did not write) SyFy's last remake (or "reimagining," as they call it) "Tin Man." "Tin Man" was an utter disappointment, despite a good cast and some potential -- in fact, I cannot honestly recall if I watched it all the way through or not. So I'm not getting my hopes up about "Alice," despite the fact that it's also got a pretty good cast, including Tim Curry, Harry Dean Stanton, Colm Meany and Kathy Bates. Particularly given the level of cheese it looks to be throwing out there:

The two-night miniseries premiers on December 6, and I know myself well enough to know that I'll likely tune in anyway. I'm just not going to have any expectations of quality. Prove me wrong, SyFy, prove me wrong.

(Also, am I the only one who questions how you have Tim Curry and Harry Dean Stanton in your flick and don't show them in your promo video?).

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