Post-Turkey Trailer Round-Up #1: Sci-Fi Edition (Featuring Felicity And Large Hadron Collider Zombies)

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Greetings, children. Hopefully all of you are still stuffed to the point of bursting from last night. For those of you who are conscious enough to be on the internet, we've got a couple of nifty - sort of - science fiction trailers for you to watch while you commence the three-day post-Thanksgiving digestion process.

First, the more mainstream (relatively speaking) of our trailers is Scott Stewart's Dark Skies. It's a combination possession/aliens/home invasion flick, where there are spooky goings on and family members acting creepy. It's a decent enough trailer, I suppose, although the "LEAVE US ALONE!" line at the end was a bit much. It stars Keri Russell, who I think we can all agree should be in more things, and... um... some other people I've never heard of. Here's the rub: It's directed by Scott Stewart, who also directed Priest and Legion. And while I'm glad to see he's capable of making a movie without wire work and Paul Bettany, he's not exactly known for his quality films. Anyway, watch the trailer:

This next one's far more intriguing, if also a bit more amateurish. Decay is quite possibly the geekiest (in an awesome way) zombie movie ever made. It's written and directed by physics PhD student Luke Thompson, of the University of Manchester, and co-directed by Clara Nellist, another physics PhD. Apparently while exploring the maintenance tunnels at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Thompson came up with the brilliant idea:

What if the zombie apocalypse started at CERN's Large Hadron Collider as a result of the Higgs boson discovery? The film cost them less than $2500 to make, stars mostly friends and other students, was filmed in rural Pennsylvania, and is being released next month on the internet, for free.

I admire their ambition, that's for damn sure. The trailer is pretty much low-budget boilerplate, but it'll definitely be worth a watch, if for no reason other than the fact that for once we won't have to get annoyed over crappy movie science.

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  • I predict at some point the scene of the Josh Hamilton with his jaw dropped and the Keri Russel head bang will be soon be used to describe the feelings of those who paid money to see Dark Skies.

  • ,

    I've had a thing for Keri Russell for years and I'm happy to report she does it for me even more now that she looks more mature and I can feel less like a lech. I agree, she needs to be in more things: My bar, my car, my kitchen, my living room, my bedroom, my bathtub, just to name a few.

  • I actually look forward to seeing Dark Skies on cable six months from now.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Has Dark Skies something to do with the TV series of the same name?

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