Prime Directive: Exterminate The Whole Human Race

By TK | Trailers | September 10, 2009 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | September 10, 2009 |


Has anyone actually seen Ed Wood's 1959 classic disaster Plan 9 From Outer Space? From start to finish? I have. It's awful. Hilarious? Yes. Cringeworthy? Absolutely. Terrible? You bet Bela Lugosi's dead-and-replaced-midway-through-the-film ass.

And it's being remade, on a budget that doesn't look to be too much more than Wood had for the original. The original, for those fortunate many who never saw it, is about aliens who resurrect Earth's dead in an effort to prevent humankind from creating some sort of ridiculous Armageddon device. It made absolutely no sense, and was awesomely horrendous. It has been called "The Worst Movie Ever Made" (which is clearly not true -- we all know that title belongs to Transformers 2), and is a MST3K favorite. It also inspired about 60% of all Danzig-era Misfits songs, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Darkstone Entertainment tapped director John Johnson, who I've never heard of, to direct it. It is a thing of no-budget, cheeseriffic beauty. Here's the teaser trailer. It looks like absolute crap, and I love it.

Plan 9 Teaser Trailer from Darkstone Entertainment on Vimeo.

At last, a remake I can look forward to. Note -- If "Astro Zombies" isn't played at some point during this film, I will stage a revolt in my living room.

(h/t to SciFi Squad)

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