Pauly Shore is Back. Damnit.

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | March 20, 2009 | Comments ()


A few years back, Pauly Shore -- in an effort to resuscitate is crippled career -- staged his death for a terrible movie called, Pauly Shore is Dead, which turned out to be more wish fulfillment than anything (I still haven't managed to erase the movie from my brain). After failing, again, to resurrect that career a few years ago when he staged a fight during one of his stand-up routines, Shore has yet another poor idea, although he perhaps has his heart in the right place this time.

In the documentary, Adopted, Shore travels to Africa in search of a child that he can adopt and bring back to America. The trailer suggests that he's at least being genuine, though there will no doubt include a lot of ironic jabs at Angelina Jolie. More comforting, however, is the fact that he doesn't use his Weasel voice, so it's possible -- if you're on medication -- to at least make it through the entirety of the trailer.

I wish you luck.

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