'Paranoia' Trailer: Espionage Is The Secret to His Success. Also The Ridiculous Handsomeness.
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Paranoia Trailer: Espionage Is The Secret to His Success. Also The Ridiculous Handsomeness.

By Jodi Clager | Trailers | June 6, 2013 | Comments ()


Liam Hemsworth stars in this espionage thriller, along with Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Amber Heard, and Josh Holloway. Hemsworth plays Adam Cassidy and his frigging voice-over in the trailer tells us all about him. In Adam's quest to get ahead and take care of his father (Richard Dreyfuss), Oldman's Nicholas Wyatt hires him to spy on the competition, Jock Goddard (Harrison). Then the plot gets all laid out for you and you can practically see the ending with all of the information the trailer gives you.

Can't you just see the ending now? Adam defeats the two giants of the industry and gets the girl, solidifying his dreams and taking care of his father. Aw.

Paranoia opens August 16th.

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  • LMo

    Oh no, not the kid knows too much line, does he really? Are you sure Mr. Harrison? look good into those dead blue eyes, mutha f**ker don't know nuttin. And Hollywood powers that be? Stop trying to make Liam Hemsworth "happen".

  • BlackRabbit

    Lightning doesn't often strike twice in a family as far as acting talent. Harrison looks fun as the villain, though.

  • Uuuugh. I love me some Gary Oldman, but the Lesser Hemsworth is such a vacuum on screen. Just one big blah. I feel like he's the new Taylor Lautner.

  • linnyloo

    Agreed. I see two fine looking older gentlemen in that header pic who I would love to join in a high end restaurant for bourbon and awesome conversation, and this vacant high school kid just sort of wandered into the frame between them and he's harshing my fantasies, dammit.

    Now if his older brother were there instead, he could join us for the bourbon. And the sex.

  • Slim

    I didn't watch the trailer but good night-- Gary Oldman with a pocket square. I lust.

  • Batesian

    Check out the banner pic -- Oldman in full paycheck mode is still more charismatic than Hemsworth the Younger.

  • Steph

    That semi-bald look on Ford is kinda working for me. (Shut up. My husband has been out of town for a while, ok?)

  • Three things, because all good things, like weddings in Westeros, come in threes:

    1. We have fully embraced a Hemsworth, so why must we be asked to embrace another? Especially an inferior version: you notice they don't stand next to each other, he's more wooden than the desk I'm sitting at, and he wasn't smart enough to stay away from that Cyrus cypher. I always appreciate that six-pack before dinner, but two just makes me feel bloated and full of bile.

    2. I hope the casting director lost her job over this, as we're to believe the Dreyfuss character somehow fathered someone a full foot taller than him?

    3. No crossbows!

  • me

    hey my bro is a foot taller then his dad....just saying....

  • koko temur

    Hey, its possible his mother was 7 feet tall! Maybe THAT'S the twist!

  • Irina

    Nope, still nothing behind blue eyes. At least The Better Hemsworth can fake having a personality.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Hey... I remember seeing this when it was a comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.

  • zeke_the_pig

    A film starring LIAM Hemsworth called Paranoia, huh?
    I would've called it Inferiority Complex.

  • Fredo

    Can’t you just see the ending now?

    He wins the dance competition, runs into his lover's arms and they run away to New York to live the bohemian lifestyle of break dancers?

    Wait...am I confusing this movie with Breakin'?

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