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Pajiba Challenge: Can You Stay Awake All the Way Through Zellweger's Horror Movie Trailer?

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | August 20, 2010 | Comments ()


Back in 2006, long before The Hangover made him a star, Bradley Cooper was finished up his run on "Alias," and making forgettable mediocre movies like The Midnight Meat Train and Yes Man. The difference between all the crappy movies he filmed in 2006 and Case 39, however, is that Case 39 is only just now being released. My guess, too, is that Cooper has only a bit role in the film, but that it is played up in the trailer to capitalize on his newfound star power.

The lead here is Renee Zellweger, and maybe Paramount's decision to hold off on releasing the movie had something to do with wanting her negative ratings to fall. Or maybe, they've been waiting all along for the right time to release a mediocre, bland-looking horror flick, and after four years, they figured that the time would never come, but they'd best go ahead and put it out there before the years age the participants in the film. I mean: There's a little girl in the film that's already playing a teenager in the Twilight movies.

Here's the trailer. See how long you can stay awake.

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