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Our Idiot Brother Trailer: You Cannot Make This Cast Less Hot with Beards, Bad Haircuts, and Hair Dye

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | April 25, 2011 | Comments ()


OK, maybe a little less hot with Elizabeth Banks. That's a really bad haircut. But don't you love indie comedies and the way they actively attempt to make very glamorous-looking movie stars less glamorous with a little facial hair and some hair dye. I'm not fooled! There's an adorable dude underneath all that facial hair, and no matter what you do to Elizabeth Banks' hair, I'll always know that she still has these legs:


Our Idiot Brother (formerly My Idiot Brother) debuted earlier this year at Sundance to generally warm reviews. It looks like it follows a typical indie feel-good formula, and that's OK. It looks like a sweet, Saturday afternoon matinee kind of film, and I'll take anything to erase the memory of Paul Rudd's last movie, How Do We Know, from my memory. Plus, look! Steve Coogan.

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