Now That's a Creative Name for a Show: "Vikings" Trailer

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Now That's a Creative Name for a Show: "Vikings" Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | January 28, 2013 | Comments ()


The History Channel, once known affectionately as "the WWII channel" and now less affectionately dismissed as the "what random reality crap are they claiming is history now" channel, is launching its first scripted series. Which seems like a no-brainer given some of the fantastic historically based series on other cable channels. Of course this is the channel that seems to run "Pawn Stars" marathons every other day, so I supposed we're lucky they haven't started spelling their name with an extra y and a superfluous z.

So guess what "Vikings" is about? Well, it's neither focusing on Ralph Wiggum's dream life, nor the tragic story of Minnesota football, instead it's focusing on actual Vikings. Here's the first trailer:

I'm as down with hyperbole as the next guy, but I'm getting tired of trailers intoning that something will change everything. If things changed everything as much as people claim, soon enough we'd run out of permutations for it to change to, and the next big thing would just reset everything to a previous state.

What makes me more excited about the show is simply reading the Wikipedia page for Ragnar Lodbrok, who is the main character of the television show. Seriously, read it. His last name means "Hairy Breeches" on account of the special pants he wore for killing snakes.

"Vikings" airs on March 3.

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  • Blake

    That header pic looks like Noah Wyle... Guess ou can't have to many white people on TV.

  • John W

    If it doesn't have Ernest Borgnine as Ragnar I'm not watching it.

  • Quatermain


  • John W

    Best scene in the movie!

    I want Tony Curtis' attack Hawk.

  • Quatermain

    My favorite scene was always where the Vikings take turns throwing axes at the castle gate and then Kirk Douglas climbs the axes like a ladder.

    Between Borgnine, Douglas, Curtis and the guy who plays the evil king, that movie is just 85 minutes of scenery-chewing joy.

  • John W

    Agree 100%, don't forget Janet Leigh was totally hot.

  • Rocabarra

    It has Gabriel Byrne and a former model playing the lead character. Whelp, that about ticks off all my boxes for "may as well watch it because why not".

  • Fredo

    Oh man...I thought it was going to be a multi-part documentary series on Vikings.

    What's this happy horseshit??!!

  • Kballs

    There was a pretty good series called "Barbarians" in the last couple of years. It had Vikings and Mongols and all kinds of shit.

  • Groundloop

    Everybody talks about how much the Vikings suck, but nobody remembers there was a marked drop in the the Mongols quality of play after they moved to Cincinatti. What? "Bengals"? No, no, the Tigers play in Detroit. What do you mean that's the baseball team? Lions? Aren't they in Jacksonville? Jesus. I'm so confused now. I think I'll limit myself to CFL football. There's only 8 teams and 1/4 of them are called Rough Riders. So much easier to keep straight.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Guys with beards bein' all manly'n'shit? I'm in.

    I await e jerry powell's pro-bear(d) sentiments.

  • Dragonchild

    Rape the horses and ride off on their women! Wait. . .

  • Wembley

    I'm pretty sure the compass WAS a big deal. Maybe not for the Vikings though.

    And yes, vikings football is, indeed, a sucky morass of choking at the big game-so of course they deserve the Billion dollar stadium-that will change everything!

  • BWeaves

    Well, at least they don't have horns on their helmets.

    Given the large number of combs found in Viking graves, I'm amazed their hair doesn't look better. Well, there was the blond chick wearing a BUMPIT (tm), but that doesn't count.

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