Ninjas! Samurai! Snake Women! The New Trailer For The Wolverine Will Cut You

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Ninjas! Samurai! Snake Women! The New Trailer For The Wolverine Will Cut You

By TK | Trailers | May 21, 2013 | Comments ()


OK, now I'm a little more on board with this project. Hollywood has never really known what to do with Wolverine as a character. They kind of had it right in the first couple of X-Men films, but then completely abandoned the roots of the character in the third film as well as his first solo project. The Wolverine, written by Christopher McQuarrie and directed by James Mangold, is starting to feel much more like the comic book character come to life. It has much of the pathos and angst of the character, but doesn't devolve into sad puppy dog land like the latter two films did. Logan is an interesting dichotomy of a man tortured by his past, but also coupled with brash arrogance and unrelenting and often unrepentant violence.

The trailer touches on what some of the best runs of the comic have popularized. The Silver Samurai is curiously inhuman-seeming, so that's weird. But the army of ninjas known as The Hand plays a prominent role, and there is some spectacular fight choreography coupled with some lovely visuals. I'm edging towards being excited about the film -- finally.

By the way, there have been a series of really badass posters released in the past few days as well. Take a look:


Silver Samurai:

Madam Viper:


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  • Strand

    I was pretty happy with everything till I saw the Silver Samurai suit. Why oh why does he have to be a dude in a big armour suit.

  • Stephen Nein

    I don't dislike the obvious changes to Chris Claremont's story, I just hope what stitches it back together is at least as meaningful; a meditation on the nature of being human, flawed, but capable of choosing to be better. The trailer looks like it's focusing more on the Yakuza gang war that occurred in X-Men #172-173 following that great meditation.

  • Salieri2

    Well, I guess that makes my bitching about Yukio's hairstyle kind of petty. Thumbs up.

  • BWeaves

    How come we can see the crotch of everyone except Wolverine? No fair.

    Also, Silver Surferai?

  • Batesian

    Wolvie's displaying six phallic symbols as it is. No need to show off.

  • Those are some nice posters. Let's hope a well-conceived and well-cast character is well-executed.

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