Night at the Museum 2 Trailer
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December 22, 2008 | Comments ()

Please, Mommy. Make the Bad Man Stop Hurting Me

I Would Kill for a Boot Right Now / Dustin Rowles

Trailers | December 22, 2008 | Comments ()

Here’s the trailer for Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian. In it, Jonah Hill, Amy Adams, Ben Stiller, Bill Hader, Christopher Guest, Ricky Gervais, Owen Wilson, Hank Azaria and Steve Coogan all prove just how easy it is to pick up a paycheck. It also proves, once and for all, that “The State’s” Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon (Balls of Fury, Taxi, Herbie Fully Loaded, The Pacifier, and Let’s Go to Prison) are, in fact, the absolute worst screenwriters in the history of mankind. Seriously: The average Tomatometer of the seven films they have written together is 26 percent. 26 percent. Why do they continue to get scriptwriting gigs (they are next attached to The Incredible Shrinking Man)? I realize that their movies perform fairly well at the box-office, but can you imagine how much better they’d do if the scripts weren’t flaming bags of shit. 26 percent! They should be retroactively booted from “The State.” They’re not just an embarrassment to sketch comedy, they’re an embarrassment to Michael Ian Black.

Do you know how hard it is to be an embarrassment to Michael Ian Black?

Fuck me. Here’s the trailer:

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