Cancer Is Never Funny, Unless It's a Clown With Cancer

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | March 24, 2010 | Comments ()


Below, see here, is the trailer for the upcoming Showtime series, "The C Word." No. That can't be right. "The Big C." It's about cancer, specifically, Cathy (Laura Linney's cancer), and it's played for laughs. Not the ha ha funny funny kind of laughs, but the poignant grab-life-by-the-vulva I'm about to die kind of laughs. And it looks fantastic. And if the goddamn cable channels -- both basic and pay -- keep churning out what looks like fantastic shows like this, and "Treme," and "Justified," and "The Pacific," and "Breaking Bad," I'm never going to have enough goddamn time to watch them all. So, cool it on the fantastic shows for a while. Spring is around the corner, and I have things to do: Like, leave Facebook updates suggesting I'm out enjoying the sunny weather when, in fact, I'm huddled in front of a television screen craving its warmth.

Oh yeah, and Gabourey Sidibe is in the show, as is Oliver Platt. And Oliver Platt is good in every fucking thing he does. It's a proven fact. I saw it in a study for Reader's Digest. And so is Laura Linney, except for Nanny Diaries and The Hottest State and maybe some other things that don't really count.

Anyway, thank God this show doesn't begin until August, otherwise I'd need to use time travel to watch all the quality drama on television right now.

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