Dude. Dude?! Dude! Dude.

By Brian Prisco | Trailers | April 20, 2009 | Comments ()

By Brian Prisco | Trailers | April 20, 2009 |


OK. So watch this trailer for me. This has been playing several times at the local arthouse cineplex. Often times, because it's the arthouse, we tend to get a bevy of subtitled pieces, some interesting documentaries (The Garden sounds particularly arresting) or some really odd ones. But this one has been playing on frequent rotation. Anyway, give it a gander.

So. What the hell is that movie about? I have no fucking idea. Is it an American Eagle ad?

That's alright. Maybe the poster will shed some light on this.


WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT MOVIE ABOUT? Is this Pacific Sunwear's sudden revenge for being forced out of business? I thought it might be an ad for the Newcastle beer, but that would more likely involve hooligans in jerseys head-butting each other. At least the Facebook page lends it artistic credence, right?

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