New Trailer For The Avengers: It's Time To Save The World And Look Good Doing It

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And this, boys and girls, is a trailer done right. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say I'm more excited for The Avengers than I have been for any movie in a long time that doesn't have a title that rhymes with The Shark Bite Sizes. And here is the newest trailer for The Avengers, and it's just... so sweet.

It covers similar ground to the first full trailer, but focuses more on the formation of the team and their interpersonal conflicts as well as ensuing chaos. It still refuses to give away too much of what they're fighting -- know Loki's at the heart of it, but little more -- and I'm perfectly OK with that. I know exactly as much as I want to about the film. It's a great trailer, and Whedon's action scenes really are damn impressive, particularly the flight scenes with Iron Man, not to mention the utterly badass grab by the Hulk (and I'm very curious to see Mark Ruffalo's take on Bruce Banner).

Anyway, enough jibber jabber. Watch:

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