New Final Destination 5 Trailer: Screws Fall Out All The Time, The World Is An Imperfect Place

By TK | Trailers | July 10, 2011 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | July 10, 2011 |


Of course I'm going to see the next Final Destination movie. I've seen all of them to date, and while the first two are by far the most entertaining, there's something to take away from each of them. Assuming, of course, that you enjoy people get cleverly and creatively killed with a sense of tongue-in-cheek glee. If you don't, well, I simply don't think we can hang, and I will spend my remaining days hoping that you're the one who gets chewed up by a wood chipper by accident.

Oh, fuck. I do that anyway, don't I.

Of course, the truth is that all four of the movies so far are terrible. They're like a low-rent Breakfast Club remake with gruesome deaths and random bullshitting about fate. A random group of strangers is brought together, someone sees the future, and they avoid death, and then they all die. This one features Tony Todd in a larger role, which I'm down with. And a suspension bridge, and a vignette which shows why I'm never fucking getting Lasic surgery.

So watch it, and enjoy it.

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