New Doctor Who Teaser Demonstrates the Power of a Good Coat

By Genevieve Burgess | Trailers | June 28, 2014 |


There are now officially less than two months until the new season of Doctor Who hits the US, and so BBCA has granted the fans a 15 second teaser trailer. It’s not bad, lots of TARDIS sparking, a beautifully billowing coat, and that slow-mo to quick camera pan that Moffat regularly abuses on Sherlock. Still, it doesn’t really tell you anything that the obsessives on Tumblr haven’t covered, re-covered, and devoted stacks of fan-fiction to based on set photos alone. I guess we’re meant to take Clara’s declaration that “I don’t even know who The Doctor is anymore” as ominous, but if genial and somewhat naive Matt Smith all of a sudden changed into cynical and world-weary Peter Capaldi I think even the most accepting of individuals would be thrown for a bit.

The new season of Doctor Who will begin airing Saturday, August 23rd on BBC America at 8pm.

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