Cancer Movies: The Cynic's Kryptonite

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | April 16, 2009 | Comments ()


Ah, hell. Below we have the trailer for My Sister's Keeper, based on the Jodi Picoult novel of the same name. I won't even pretend to have any objectivity about it -- well-made or not, cancer movies kick me in the gut, and cancer movies involving children knee me in the face while I'm trying to catch my breath.

This one does have a compelling premise, and at least a few decent cast members. In it, a married couple, played by Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric, genetically conceive a child -- Abigail Breslin -- in order to use her to help save their older, cancer-ridden daughter's life. The catch? When the procedure nears, Breslin's character hires a lawyer -- played by Alec Baldwin -- to sue her parents so that she doesn't have to do the operation (there's a secret somewhere in there).

Anyway, even the trailer is a sternum kicker (despite the presence of Diaz). It comes from Nick Cassavettes (The Notebook), so you know the guy knows how to jerk some tears. I suspect this one will be a full-throttle weeper. And I hope to God I don't review it -- I am hopeless up against these movies (yeah, even the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: In My Pants).

Here's the trailer.

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