More Like "Derivative": <i>Divergent</i> Trailer

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More Like "Derivative": Divergent Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | August 26, 2013 | Comments ()


There’s a good chance you missed the new trailer for Divergent since it aired last night during whatever that thing was on MTV with Miley Cyrus that people keep posting terrifying animated GIFs of. From the images, I think it must have been some sort of updated live-action rendition of A Clockwork Orange. But in any case, the fact that Divergent had its trailer aired during such a particular event says volumes about its target audience and likely about the film as well.

Here’s the trailer:

Ooh you’re different! Ooh, they want to make everyone the same. Oh fuck Orwell’s ghost with a chainsaw, this just looks so monumentally mediocre. They say all great artists are thieves, but that doesn’t mean that every brazen theft is art.

Look, perhaps the source novels are good. They’re not helping themselves in my esteem by having covers that actually appear to have been Hunger Games covers that have been subtly altered to have different titles and author names. But that’s marketing for you. The author may very well have written beautiful novels. And I hope she got paid up front because it’s not going to take Hollywood accounting to ensure that this one makes no profit at the box office.

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  • mdm

    Holy god this movie looks boring.

    Like, it's the most copied parts of fuckin' 1984 crossed with Twilight (notice how the supar-speshul female protagonist needs a fuckin' man to save and protect her?) with painfully cliched dialogue and a dash of terrible dubstep. I want to start a movie review web series just so that when it comes out I can go on for longer than the movie's run time about how fucking dull it was.

  • Reyna

    More than it looking like THG, it just looks BORING! The dialogue, the music, the blue filter and the quotes used are so uninspired. Also, in the book, each faction (think Hogwarts houses on steroids) wears only one or two colours. Dauntless, the brave faction (Gryffindor on steroids) wears only black. In a book that's fine, but, can you imagine how horrid that would look visually? I mean, how would you be able to differentiate the characters if they're all wearing black? And how boring will that look against the blue filter? God, didn't film makers go to film school? Don't they think these things through?
    Bringing it back to THG though, Francis Lawrence is using the blue filter for Catching Fire. It's gonna be present in the districts and he's then going to switch to a traditional filter in the Capitol. But, it works there because FL is using colours to build and differentiate between two worlds. It doesn't work from what I've seen in this trailer at all. And they're really trying to push Shailene and the new Jennifer Lawrence aren't they?

  • Devlin

    Yikes...this trailer both sucks AND blows.

  • Ok, so this is only tangentially related, and has nothing to do with the hunger games, but that trailer has the University of Chicago's new library in it. That dome shaped thing next to the building that looks sort of like blocks-- those are the two main libraries near campus.

  • Jiffylush

    The kids and I have read the books and really enjoyed them so we will be seeing it. I just assume that the walk to the car, the drive home and the meal afterwards will be packed with conversation about how it was different from the book and could have been so much better.

  • alwaysanswerb

    Trailers are really lazy these days. I'll probably still see this because I liked the books, but I was pretty disappointed by the casting so I won't have high expectations.

  • Nick

    It’s pretty impressive that you can determine Box office receipts from one trailer, that’s really more of a teaser. Hollywood studios should really just make trailers and show them to this “writer”. Then he could tell them if their movie would make any money, and they can avoid serious losses. And in what world do you think the author or creative forces behind a book get to choose a YA series’ cover art? And since it might look a little like hunger games, (but not really) it must be a rip off. It’s a genre film and genre book. There are going to be similarities. And based on the three lines of dialog the main characters get in the trailer, you can tell it’s going to be terrible performances all around. I would be more careful about calling people thieves if I were this writer. That’s something you’d expect from a comment troll. I’ve come to expect more from Pajiba than this typical reactionary internet crap. It’s surprising to see this kind of nonsense on the same sight that published the great article on box office receipts this morning. Writing a whole movie off based on one trailer. Such hackery.

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    Out of curiosity, what is, in your humble estimation, the proper response and opinion for us to have of the film? If a trailer does not look good, are we not supposed to mention that? Is the purpose of a trailer not to entice us, to make the movie look like an enjoyable experience? And if the trailer sucks, is it not an equally valid concept that we can say that the movie does NOT look like an enjoyable experience?

    Take it one step further. When you saw the trailer for, say, Nortbert, did you approach it with the same level of open-mindedness?

  • Nick

    This was not a review of the trailer. it was a complete write off of the movie. Plus accusations of theft. comparing this to norbert is comparing apples to oranges.

  • Torgo

    The books are actually pretty good. They're better written than
    The Hunger Games and the main characters are a lot more interesting. Unfortunately the movie looks like a pile of re-fried shit.

  • Jennifer Schmennifer

    I agree that the writing is better, but I think the story itself is a lot less interesting. And I didn't care about the characters and their relationships as much. As for the trailer, it's different from what I imagined--kind of dull and studio-like. Then again, I have no knowledge of Chicago. Maybe it looks like one big studio.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    The books are ok. I had a bit of a deja vu from reading them after "The Hunger Games" because well they're pretty much the same. So you'd think they could just copy the HG movies and at least make this one half-decent. Trailer sucks, but who knows, the movie might actually be mildly entertaining. Let's wait and see. Totally waiting for this to go on Netflix though.

  • Davis

    So now because something apparentley rips off THG everyone is mad, where was everyone cutting on THG about Battle Royale?

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    My god, people. STOP WITH THIS BULLSHIT. It's not a ripoff. It's a completely different story with different characters and arcs and plotlines. It shares a single central concept, much like THOUSANDS of other movies share central concepts. I get it. You saw Battle Royale and we're all very impressed with you. But please, enough with this relentless whining about two projects whose characters and stories are, in all actuality, completely different.

  • Davis

    They're the basically the same exact movie. Yes if THG share the same concept as Battle Royale it's a rip off

    I'm not whining like you are now i'm just saying I bet the writer was going at THG games calling the 'white battle royale' but I guess i'm not allowed to state my opinion incase I offend internet fanboys.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I *mostly* agree with you. But I did just recently watch Battle Royale, and was pretty shocked at how many specific details Collins books had in common with it.

  • Jiffylush

    I watched BRII last week and it was just amazingly bad. I really liked Battle Royal and the only reason I was made aware of it is when people said Hunger Games was a ripoff of it.

    "where was everone cutting on THG..." They were in the comments of pretty much everything I read about The Hunger Games movie complaining about it being a copy of BR.

    The circumstances and the synopsis of the main action of the two may be the same, but the stories and character's experiences couldn't be more different.

    The real question is why aren't people complaining about The Hunger Games copying The Lottery?

    It's a story about a community that has a drawing every year to see who will be *spoiler alert* stoned to death to ensure a good harvest.

    We could also compare it to 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and pretty much any other dystopian novel that came before it.

    My point is that everything is built in a universe where other works have already been built. Works can have striking similarities (pretty much every fantasy novel written after LotR) but have very different stories and are still worth reading or watching.

  • Davis

    No they're the same thing. Kawada and woody h's characters are the same guy; Kiriyama and the buff guy are the same characters, there are countless other things from THG which show how unoriginal the book was. 'It's the dystopian genre' no it's not it is a rip off.

    Why can't I say if I feel a piece of work is derivative of another piece of work? I get called a whiny fanboys by whiny fanboys. So we should be allowed to just rip people off and just get away with it then? It's basically what you're saying

  • Bistro

    Who is that poor girl they're trying really desperately to make look like Jennifer Lawrence?
    *heads to IMdB
    That's Shailene Woodley? Aw, poor girl. She was good in The Descendants. Well her career was short-lived.......
    Wait, Kate Winslet? The second-billed actor is Kate Winslet?
    *rewatched portion of trailer
    Shit, that was Kate Winslet?! But I love you Kate! Why are you in this pile of garbage? My love for you might actually make me watch this one day.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Carrie/Teabelly

    This looks awful.

    I've read the books and liked them, mostly, but this looks cheesy as hell. That's Four? Do you know how much I liked Four? And you have made him a robot? Gah. That lead girl also appears to have no emotion/acting ability.

  • Jennifer Schmennifer

    I liked Four in the first book. Four in the second book seemed like a manipulative bad friend, and so I'm not as put off as I was by the Peeta casting.

  • Yeah, the Four casting (& acting in the clip) sucks and blows.

    Also, I pictured Tris as much smaller (especially heightwise) and with less of a physical presence. Which accentuates her struggle to make a place for herself where your worth is defined by your fearlessness and you are routinely exposed to physical danger.

    I like Shailene Woodley's (sp?) ability to portray naked vulnerability in some of her past parts -- but if she does that here, I'll be very put out. She is a vulnerable character but that vulnerability should be anything but naked. It should be wearing ALL of Chandler's clothes.

  • Classic

    LOL at the commentary and yep this looks awful.

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