Meeting Evil Trailer: Evil Sam Jackson Might Be My Favorite Sam Jackson

By TK | Trailers | March 14, 2012 | Comments ()


Even though I like the cast -- Luke Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Leslie Bibb -- I don't exactly have high hopes for Meeting Evil. Wilson just doesn't carry this kind of dramatic performance, and the tone of the trailer just feels off. That said, Sam Jackson looks like he's having a ball -- an evil ball -- as the menacing character who enters the life of a desperate man and promptly begins to wreak absolute havoc on everything he holds dear.

Honestly, evil Sam Jackson looks fun as hell, and it may well salvage the film. Plus, I dig the hat. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Berger, which received a good bit of praise when it was released (although many were unsatisfied with the ending). The hitch, of course, is that it's directed by Chris Fisher, who also directed the abominable S. Darko. On the plus side, he did also direct one of my favorite "Chuck" episodes, "Chuck Vs. The Crown Vic."

Whaddaya think?

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